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Analytics Facts

What is attribution analytics?


 Attribution Analytics is all about being able to know exactly what finding efforts are bringing in your business. You want this understanding because then you can put more emphasis on what is the most profitable and bringing in the most traffic. As a marketing and analytics agency we have the ability and understanding of how to improve your campaign to be the most profitable.

We dive into your website statistics, what actually converts, the channels where people come from, and help you figure our which channel that your customers actually progressed the most from. It’s not always the last channel that your customers interact with that persuaded them enough to make the sale, we want to help you figure out what platform is effective at what.

Our Analytics agency

Using google analytics alongside with all of the analytics of all valued marketing platforms we can attribute what is actually bringing in what business. By using an analytics agency you can see:

Increased return on investments
Decreased cost per conversions


Of marketers identified marketing analytics and competitive insights as the most important factors in supporting their marketing strategies.


Of marketing leaders report that data-driven strategies are vital in today’s economy.

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