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Why Use A Email Marketing Agency?

Email marketing is probably one of the most misunderstood forms of marketing. It is much more effective then what people would normally think. For every dollar that is invested into email marketing you normally get a return of forty four dollars! Working with an email marketing agency will help you be able to produce more emails that are more effective.

Some of the ways that we help with your emails being more effective is we can make trigger campaigns for you. A trigger campaign is where we can link emails to automatically send to a subscriber depending on what they do on your website. This way we can deliver appropriate content to them when they are ready for it.

One of the biggest reason the people like using an email marketing agency is because of our ability to code emails to be dynamic. Because of the way we can code emails it causes it to change the images, the words, the links, what ever we want to be different depending on who reads it. So not only do you get your email to your subscribers but it dynamically adapts to be a one of a kind email for them.

Our Email Services

The hardest part of getting into email marketing is building an email list. By coming to an email marketing agency like us we can help you get access to email lists that are full of potential customers who are targeted for your business. Some of the emails we like to produce for companys are:


  • Dynamic content that adapts for who views it
  • Website action triggered emails


Of return on investment on average from email marketing.


Of millennials prefer communications from businesses to come via email.

I was having troubles getting my site noticed online. Hangar Marketing not only addressed that issue, but they walked me through other smart solutions in expanding my online business.

Aaron J.

I had been putting off getting a logo for my business for a while. I don’t like working with the creative aspects of things and so when I decided it was finally time to approach it, I was happy to see that Hangar Marketing was willing to make my ideas a reality. They not only showed me options, but they didn’t lose sight of what I was wanting in the long run.

Ashley S.

Hangar Marketing is very easy to work with and is always willing to discuss my ideas. They work with my busy schedule and they are local to my area, which allows us to meet in person. That makes our meetings much more personal. I would highly recommend this business to anyone who is in need of a marketing agency

Ammie M.

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