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Pay Per Click

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What is PPC?


PPC stands for “Pay Per Click”, meaning online advertising where you pay only when people actually click to go to your website. Our PPC services we do here in Rexburg specialize in Google Advertisements.

The beauty of using PPC services to improve your business is the fact that you can instantly get targeted potential customers visiting your website. Normally with search engine marketing it takes quite some time just to be able to show up to anyone, but with PPC you can instantly get new leads.

PPC isn’t just recommended as a marketing strategy anymore, it’s essential. Want to get your name out there? Using our PPC services will make your website show up even with huge amounts of competition. Google Ads and other similar services will help bring you the traffic your website needs.

Our Pay Per CLick services

Our PPC team from Rexburg believes that PPC services should improve the overal quality of your leads while minimizing the cost of the ads. So when we perform our PPC services you should see improvement in:

Impression Share
Cost Per Click
Cost Per Conversion
Quality Score
Ad Relevance

PPC Optimization

Many companies already understand how important it is for them to be visible on Google for their business; Because of this we often times are given an ad account that has already had work done on it. Our PPC team here in Rexburg loves this situation! This makes it so much easier for us to make informed decisions, by using the data that was already collected we can read exactly what you need to make your ads more profitable.

We know it’s hard for you to run your business and run all of the marketing platforms effectively. We spend our whole careers specalizing on these PPC platforms, you will be blown away with how much our marketers can improve your accounts.

If you have worked on your own Google ads let our PPC team here in Rexburg help you optimize your account to become more profitable.


Every website needs Search Engine Optimizati0n (SEO) done to for it to rank organically on Google, but that can be a lengthy process that takes time! SEO is essential for search engine marketing, and it will greatly improve how much traffic goes to your website. SEO is a very long term marketing strategy that will bring a incredible return on investment in the end.

We have both PPC and SEO teams housed here in Rexburg, the reason being is by using both of the strategies hand in hand we can provide fast short term and quality long term results for your business. The PPC team can instantly start bringing people who are exactly the type of customers you want to your website, and the SEO team can optimize your website to do that automatically for free.

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Of people who find local, helpful information in search results are more likely to visit the physical stores.


Of people said they have clicked on a Google ad.

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