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Social Media Facts

Why you should use social media marketing


We are now close to having around 3 Billion users on social media platforms, this gives business owners a gold mine of potential customers. Because of all of the interaction that is done on social media platforms it makes it extremely easy to be able to target very specifically the people who tend to be your best types of customers. Best of all social media marketing is much more affordable than other forms of marketing. Use our social media marketing team here in Rexburg to help you reach the best consumers out there.

It seems like everyone knows that there is ton of potential in social media marketing, but having a effective multi-platform strategy is where people get lost. Each social media platform has different strengths and weakness for advertising. Where our social media marketing services come in to play is we have experience targeting potential customers, building awareness, getting engagement and turning that into conversions with all of these platforms.

Having a social media marketing team here in Rexburg gives us a huge advantage; This is because the college students we hire here is the generation that is the most familiar with social media, and they are educated in college on how to be effective with it. With the help of our employees and interns we have found huge success with social media marketing in both providing organic content and paid advertising.

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Our Social Media Marketing Services

There is many social media platforms that are out there. Our social medial marketing team here in Rexburg believes that social media marketing should have both organic and paid posts. The platforms that we specialize in are:
Linked in
Tik Tok

Organic and paid advertising

It’s hard to run your business and keep all of your followers on every social media platform progressing towards becoming a regular customer. Thats why our social media marketing team here in Rexburg is trained to be able to perform what ever services you don’t have the time for. If you need us to only work organic posts multiple times a week, or if you struggle with the paid advertisements, If you struggle just creating the content, we can plan, design, create, and post what ever you need.

We have teams of graphic designers, videographers, and marketing strategists that can all work together to help your social media outreach become profitable. Contact us today to see what our social media marketing teams from Rexburg can do for your business.


Of internet users say they find new products through paid social ads, proving that these can be used to boost your reach and connect with new audiences.


Of Instagram users take action like visiting a website or making a purchase after seeing an ad.

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